Girl on Fire

Helping girls learn lifelong strategies for living in the stream of wellbeing through each phase of their life, while recognizing the deep potential that lies within.

Too many young girls are losing their lives. The spark of this program was ignited when Rehtaeh Parsons took her life in April of 2013 at the tender age of 17.

Jenny, along with many in Canada, was devastated by this outcome of violence inflicted on yet another young woman. At the news of her death, she went into prayer and asked how she could contribute by planting seeds of love, respect and empowerment in the soil of her life’s legacy.

This program is the answer to that question.

To all the young women who, in the depths of a darkened reality, have taken their own lives. May their love essence shine through in these teachings and may we, in honor of their struggle, say yes to glowing radiantly as Girls on Fire

The Girl on Fire Program is a 12-week experience including both theory and physical practice.

Each weekly class is themed according to the 10 Girl on Fire inner treasures.











The program includes several components:

  • Movement sequences designed to balance and strengthen body, mind and energy
  • Cognitive therapy to heal emotional issues and limiting thinking
  • Wisdom teachings that foster self-esteem and confidence and awaken our inner radiance
  • Self-honoring practices that help to establish healthy boundaries and cultivate supportive relationships
  • Reflective exercises on what it means to be strong young women contributing positively in the world today.

After piloting this program in the New Brunswick school system, all ten inner treasures were re-categorized into measurable outcomes.

Significant gains were made in each of the four sub-categories:

  • Intra-personal

  • Capacity

  • Dispositional

  • Interpersonal

  • Resiliency (measured alone)


Intra-personal includes: self-awareness, self-worth, and confidence.
Capacity includes: resilience, discipline, and discernment.
Dispositional includes: contentment and optimism.
Interpersonal includes: connection and essence.

In the final week, students were asked what they like best about the program. The top three answers were:

1. The open, honest friendships and community
2. The Yoga practices that aligned with each treasure
3. The authentic, real leadership of the educators

Some feedback from the participants included:

"I will always know to love myself - that is my favourite thing I learned."

- student

“The biggest impact the girl on fire program has had on my life is that it’s taught me to be confident in myself and to always be 100% sure of myself no matter what others think, that I am an individual and beautiful the way I am, and I believe that’s one of the most important lessons every girl should have.”

- student

“I can be a better, happier version of myself and all girls should also have access to this information instead of dealing with things ‘cluelessly’ and feeling alone.”

- student

“Student X, has a better attitude. She is more mature and enthusiastic to do her work, and to get it in on time. She always had this potential to care and be a good leader, now though - It is shining through.”

- Teacher, Girl on Fire

“Three cheers for Girl on Fire and its positive effects on our female students!”

- Pilot Teacher Assistant

Girl on Fire Facilitator Training - in person

Date: April 30th-May 1st, 2022
Time: 9am until 3pm
This is a two weekend training program. The first weekend is done online

Investment: before April 15, early bird rate: $675.00 + HST / after April 15 price $790.000 +HST

Module 3 Yoga in Schools

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