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As a teacher, you are on the frontlines of navigating our country's social challenges.

The problem is you are often feel powerless. You lack the support to cope with the acute stresses and traumas that play out daily in your classroom.

Anxiety, depression, and stress were once grown-up words. Now nine-year-olds use them to describe the sense of overwhelm they’re feeling in our turbulent times.

The epidemic of mental health issues among children and teens calls for more than just coping skills.

Unlock the secret to cultivating true resilience in your students to by bringing yoga and mindfulness to your school.

By teaching yoga and mindfulness, you can empower your students to:

Develop mental strength to triumph over challenges.

Cultivate social and emotional awareness to thrive in life.

Develop respectful behaviours towards peers and teachers.

Gain respect for their bodies, themselves, and their peers.

Develop empathy, resilience, and self-awareness.

Manage behaviours using a trauma-sensitive approach.

Improve their memory and attention span.

Reach their full potential.

Reconnect your students with the joy, playfulness, and hope that should belong to them.

Curriculum designed for educators by educators: Meet Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass.

We began our careers as high school teachers before finding our deeper calling. As leaders in mind-body wellness and curriculum development, we've certified thousands of yoga teachers with our world-class training.


Yoga in Schools Teachers Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass | Yoga Teacher Training

in collaboration with

Our lesson plans, manuals, and supplementary materials reflect our extensive classroom experience. Students find the curriculum content engaging, and teachers tell us it’s easy to use—even for someone new to yoga.

Our Yoga 11 curriculum is accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

We teach, model, and view the world through a trauma-informed lens.

Our curriculums have been piloted within the public school system in Atlantic Canada.

We've trained hundreds of yoga teachers in Indigenous schools and communities across Canada.

Our Curriculum includes Yoga for Autism and Yoga for Special Needs.

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Do you need help listening to your inner voice? Students have reported using this technique well into their adult years to support them in making aligned decisions.