Yoga for Autism

Award winning program designed by Jenny Kierstead and autism specialist Catherine Rahey.

This program was two years in the making – one year to develop and write the program and lesson plans, and one year to pilot the program in the South Shore Regional Centre for Education, Nova Scotia.

Through this program, all children are reminded of their unique brilliance and realize that there is nothing broken and therefore, nothing to fix. Once they realize this, the program builds upon the opportunity to make strong connections with others, from a place of wholeness and acceptance.

The postures are designed to:

  • calm the nervous system and awaken the relaxation response within the body, aiding in stress management and sleep regulation
  • stimulate and balance the two hemispheres of the brain, helping to create more balanced behavioural patterns
  • strengthen the physical body, helping to enhance energy, work habits and self-confidence.

We’ve included a beautiful balance of mindfulness and movement exercises designed to help children:

  • skillfully manage stressful situations and boost problem solving skills
  • cultivate a loving sense of self by identifying and disarming negative thought patterns
  • create new means of connection with peers and family members, enhancing social skills and emotional intelligence

It takes a team to educate and support our students and their families. It is our duty to foster their growth by maximizing the potential of our students with autism in a collaborative and positive manner. As a team, we must honour the inherent worth of all people with autism and celebrate their unique qualities.

It is our desire to unite people with autism and their families with the greater community, and in so doing, build a bridge of compassion, understanding and acceptance of their needs, using yoga as the vehicle.

As educators, friends and parents, we are reminded that there is much to learn about the ways in which children communicate and that we can learn as much from them as they do from us.

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