High School Yoga Lesson Plans

Over 40 lesson plans and assessment pieces to deliver a whole semester of yoga.

Public School Program Yoga Grade 11 was the first public school yoga program rolled out in North America.

Designed by award winning author Jenny Kierstead, founder of Breathing Space Yoga Studios and Yoga in Schools, for the Department of Education in Nova Scotia. This program is now taught in most high schools across Atlantic Canada and many others across the rest of Canada.

This program was also recently implemented into MK – Nova Scotia's Indigenous School Board, making it the only First Nation Board in North America to teach Yoga 11.


“Yoga Teacher Training has helped guide me to help our schools connect with all the ceremonies, spirituality, beliefs and language that make us proud to be Mi’kmaq. Over the years to come the tools that our teachers and I have gained from YTT will only continue to grow.”

- Janean Marshall, Director of Academic Services, Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey

This program is dedicated to every adolescent on the planet, struggling to identify and love who they are.

This program not only provides you, the teacher, with detailed daily lesson plans and assessment resources at your fingertips, but it also enhances the opportunity to pass on the true magic of this tradition to our youth.

Each lesson plan is numbered through the gradual introduction of postures and concepts, which increase in intensity as the course progresses. Additionally, a selection of unique meditations and guided visualizations have been added, through which your depth and creativity may be directly passed on to your students.

This program provides teachers with a vehicle for nurturing the values and vision of our future leaders and helps students connect to their true, unbounded potential.

Let’s show them a new way of being that engenders a shift

From victimhood to accountability & independence

 From obsession with the outer world of appearances to a deep respect for self, others and the earth.

From unhealthy lifestyle habits to a lasting awareness of health on all levels

"I feel like Yoga came into my life at the perfect time and for a reason. I actually could not have asked for more of a better timing. Yoga came into my life at a time I didn't want to be here anymore. I was at the lowest point in my life. My mom had passed away a little over a year ago, and I was having difficulty accepting her death. I had just broken up with my first girlfriend that actually meant something to me. She came along shortly after my mom's death, so in my eyes she replaced my mom as being my everything. I was heartbroken and upset from the break up. I sent countless text messages to my father, he never responded to one. Living with my grand parents is not easy. My marks in school were below passing. With all of this stuff I was stuck in the negative side of things, until I took yoga. Yoga made me look at the positive side of things. Yoga saved me, it saved my life, and I am so thankful for that.

Yoga 11 has meant the world to me!!!! It saved me, it made me a better person, I don't know what I would have done if I had not taken Yoga 11 this semester. Thank you Ms. J for this amazing opportunity."

Yoga Grade 11 Graduate

“You probably get these all the time, but I wanted to thank you, really thank you. I took your yoga class by accident, a student services mistake, but I don't believe it really was an accident now. Before I set foot in your class I was wallowing in self pity and hatred, blaming those who had hurt me and taken away my happiness.

I had planned to kill myself after school and I believed had every reason to, until you showed us those four agreements, one in particular, ‘Don't take things personally’ and something just clicked. At that moment I came to the realization that I had been wasting my life, not living it, clinging to hurtful words, holding a hot coal in my hand with the intent to throw it, but only burning myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look at life through new eyes. I would trade all my years in school just for what I learned in your class: how to feel empathy, forgiveness and find inner peace.
 All my gratitude.”

Yoga Grade 11 Graduate

Module 3 Yoga in Schools

FREE Lesson Plan

Mountain Pose is one of the most important asanas because it outlines proper posture, which we all struggle with today in our screen oriented world. It can be applied to almost any situation, while waiting in line or starting the day with Oh Canada. Enjoy!