Change Your Student's Lives With the Power of Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Come learn how teaching movement and mindfulness can bring joy to your school!

This year's 15th annual Yoga in Schools Conference provides educators with a rare opportunity to learn how to foster physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in the classroom.

From workshops ideal for beginners as well as others for certified yoga instructors, this conference offers exciting programming for all levels. You’ll leave with the tools and the passion for making positive change in your school environment and your community.

The conference is hosted by multi-award winning educators Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass, the founders of Yoga in Schools and authors of 10 Yoga in Schools programs.

No matter what your level of expertise is, or what age you teach, this conference will be life changing for you and your students.

Don’t miss out!

Register today for the biggest annual conference for educators incorporating yoga and mindfulness in the classroom.

Our programming features the industry leading education you need for rich professional and personal development, along with plenty of opportunities for connection with yoga teachers across North America. You’ll be able to attend in person OR virtually, depending on your needs.

About the 15th Annual Yoga in Schools Conference:

2022 Yoga in Schools Canadian Summer Conference in Halifax NS is attracting like-minded people from various corners of the globe.

All of our workshops are designed to help students deal with the unprecedented challenges that we're all facing today. Through our focus on the RESET MINDSET, we will explore the neuroscience of behaviour change and how we can best guide our children in making positive, life-giving, changes in their lives, changes that support their wellbeing and their dreams.

The RESET MINDSET will include workshops on the art of letting go of past traumas and old stories, as well as practices for aligning with our highest self in order to move forward into our futures with a crystal clear vision for our best life.

Workshops will include:

- Evidence-based techniques for purifying our digestion and the gut-brain connection
- Energy practices for soothing a traumatized nervous system
- ACT Therapy for clarifying our best self and an action steps for implementation
- The Alchemy of transforming destructive shame-based thoughts into self-talk that fosters self-love and self-worth

Workshops will include outcomes to nurture the mind, foster emotional intelligence and include movement practices to heal and restore the body.

A selection of some of our facilitators:

✓ Iron Tide First Nations Dancers and Drummers will share the power of drumming and movement for healing addiction and mental health issues.

✓ Our co-founder, Jenny Kierstead, after a lifetime of both struggle and mastery on the subject, will be presenting Mindfulness for the Highly Sensitive Person

✓ Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

✓ Embodied Movement for Healing Shame

✓ Mindfulness for Facing Challenges and Managing Stress

✓ ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) for Bringing Peace to Crises

Come to The Yoga in Schools Conference and Upgrade to Yoga Teacher Certification

We offer a condensed Yoga Teacher Training Certification at our Annual Conference. Graduates Receive a Double Certification of Yoga in Schools and 200 Hour Studio Training

That means you’ll be able to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Yoga Teacher Training isn’t just yoga theories, lesson plans, and poses. It’s a practical, in-person course (that can be done virtually) that will take you from yoga enthusiast to confident yoga teacher, even if you're only a novice.

Participants will be trained in and receive Yoga 11, Yoga for Autism and Yoga for Special Needs Manuals.

Last year's conference attendees reported 100% satisfaction from the experience. Participants have found the Yoga Conference/Full YTT to be as much of a personal retreat as it is a professional development course.

Research has shown that yoga enhances student’s lives at every level.

Whether physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, yoga can help students to make healthier lifestyle choices, become more skillful in relationships, and gain control over their impulses, all while supporting their learning.

Are you ready to bring this transformational tool into your school and see the positive benefits that it brings to your students?

Details - Conference Only

Date: July 21-23, 2022
Time: 9am until 3pm
Location: Chocolate Lake Hotel, Halifax or Virtually, online

Investment: $600.00 +HST

Details - Conference PLUS 3 Week Yoga Teacher Training

Date: July 4-22, 2022
Time: 9am until 3pm
Location: Chocolate Lake Hotel, Halifax or Virtually, online

Investment: $2950.00 +HST