Mindfulness in Schools

Evidenced Based Curriculum Created for Teachers, by Teachers

Life today is very different from what it was even fifty years ago.

With constant access to our mobile devices and an infinite library at our fingertips, we are provided with information that could easily fill our minds 24 hours a day, each day of our lives.

Why is mindfulness catching so many people’s attention? Because it’s simple, effective and applicable to everyone. It encourages acceptance and an abundance mindset.

Regardless of your age, race or status, mindfulness works.

Manage stress, develop focus and cultivate resilience using our 100 Hour Mindfulness Certification.

Are you ready to transform the way you face challenges? Do you want to alter your relationship with worry, anxiety and depression? Do you want to be reminded of the vibrancy of life?

This NEW evidence-based program is a four-tiered approach to self-regulation for classroom and home life, based on:

  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Storytelling

This 2 weekend training program in self-regulation/mindfulness practices includes a 250-page manual of cross-curricular lesson plans for the classroom.

"This training awakens participants’ understanding of the powerful impact yoga has one’s life. As teachers transform, their understanding of how to introduce this to their students evolves and the impact on others becomes exponential."

- Tiffany Bastin, Department of Education NB

“The work and effort that went into creating this incredible program is clearly a lifetime labour of love. The manual is well laid out and contains beautiful teachings and instructional tools. It provided the perfect framework for me to develop my mindfulness classes, which have already had a profound impact on my students and on me personally as a teacher.”

- Dr. Heather Gunn McQuillan

Open to Educators as well as Aspiring Mindfulness Instructors

Live Training


Date: November 12th and 13th, 2022
Time: 9am until 3pm
Location: Chocolate Lake Hotel, Halifax

This weekend training program in self-regulation/mindfulness practices includes a 220-page manual of cross-curricular lesson plans for the classroom. The first weekend is done online and the second weekend can be done both Live and through zoom.

Investment: Regular price $850.00 / Early Bird price $695.00 +HST


In collaboration with:

Mindfulness in Schools, written by Blair Abbass and Jenny Kierstead, was piloted by Lindsay Welsford, an educator in the South Shore Regional Centre for Education. It went on to be launched in the Provincial First Nations School Board. It includes contributions from internationally renowned leaders in self-regulation and mindfulness, such as Leah Kupers author of Zones of Regulation, Kelly Mahler, recognized for her work in Interoception as well as leading educators in Nova Scotia such as School Psychologist and Mindfulness Expert Kelly Humpries, specialist in Mindfulness for Autism and Autism Consultant Catherine Rahey, First Nation Leaders in Education and Mindfulness Janean Marshall and Beverley Jedore plus more.

Module 2 Yoga in Schools

FREE 10 Minute Mindfulness Visualization

Do you need help listening to your inner voice? Students have reported using this technique well into their adult years to support them in making aligned decisions.